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Chris Mudd Fea­tured on the Eco­nom­ic Alliance Podcast

Managing Director Chris Mudd speaks about M&A, the energy transition, and explores the roles of an investment bank.

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Live Pan­el Dis­cus­sion: Con­flict in Ukraine and the Impact on Business

Chiron Financial hosted and led a panel discussion at TMA Switzerland's Spring event on three major topics.

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Press Releases

ACG Hous­ton Announces Chi­ron Finan­cial as Final­ist for Deal of the Year

Chiron was nominated in the category utility, power, and infrastructure deal of the year for its Iluminar engagement.

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What to Do if a Com­mer­cial Bank Refus­es to Lend Capital

Part two of a two-part blog that gives you the advice you need to be proactive in a business-critical situation.

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Press Releases

Chi­ron Award­ed Ener­gy Deal of the Year

Successful Acquisition of 5J Transportation Group Completed Amid Volatile Markets and Industry Distress

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Russia’s Inva­sion of Ukraine and Ini­tia­tives to Con­sid­er: A Whitepaper

Energy Supply, Geopolitical Events, and the Economy

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Three Signs that a Com­mer­cial Bank is About to Say No” to Lend­ing Capital

Part one of a two-series blog that gives you the advice you need to be proactive in a business-critical situation.

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Where Does Oil Go From Here?

Managing Director Tom McNulty discusses the future of oil.

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Case Studies

Oil & Gas Equip­ment Manufacturer

Manufacturing and Industrial

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Case Studies

Refin­er of Petro­chem­i­cals and Renew­able Fuel


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Case Studies

OFS Inter­na­tion­al LLC

Manufacturing and Industrial

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Chi­ron Responds: Rus­si­a’s Inva­sion of Ukraine and the Impact on the Glob­al Ener­gy Industry

Chiron’s Founders Scott Johnson and Jay Krasoff, along with Managing Director Tom McNulty, discuss how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will impact the energy industry.

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The Right Place at the Right Time – and Beyond

Managing Director Tom McNulty discusses the opportunities and challenges of the energy transition.


Company News

Chi­ron Wel­comes Two New Team Members

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Hopper and Mr. McNulty.

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Company News

Chris Mudd Fea­tured on The Chem­i­cal Show

Managing Director Chris Mudd shares stories on how investment banks can help chemical companies grow