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We’re more than investment bankers. We’re experts who understand your business.

As investment bankers, we possess uncommon expertise in the financial realm. But what distinguishes Chiron is our practical, real-world understanding of our clients’ business. Our senior banking staff includes former top CEOs and CFOs of operating companies, as well as experienced Wall Street, commercial bank, and private equity people who understand the operational challenges faced in a wide range of industries. It’s not a little expertise in a lot of areas. It’s a lot of expertise in a lot of areas. And that’s unique.


Much like the oil and gas industry, the chemical and petrochemical industries are cyclical—though cycles that are superimposed on long-term trends such as renewables.


In the consumer retail sector, particularly with brick-and-mortar establishments, companies are beset by challenges from all sides.


More than any other business, agriculture is at the mercy of the unpredictable.

Building and Construction Products

If you make and sell building products, your challenges extend from manufacturing to retail, from rising costs to labor shortages.

Manufacturing and Industrial

At Chiron Financial, our team of managing partners brings more to the table than a depth of financial acumen.

Mining & Materials

Whether you’re seeking capital, considering a merger or acquisition, or need financial advice, you benefit from a partner who knows your business inside and out.


The energy industry is not only expansive. It’s rapidly evolving.


Healthcare has always been a complex industry. Today it’s been turned on its head.

Real Estate

Real estate financing is a specialty.

Need to lever­age our finan­cial exper­tise in your industry?

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