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Case Studies

First KT Lending

Real Estate

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  • Chi­ron advised dis­tressed debt pur­chas­er in acqui­si­tion of a real estate loan from Regions Bank
  • 500+ unit apart­ment com­plex in New Orleans
  • Prop­er­ty was in default on $30 MM mortgage
  • Dis­pute with casu­al­ty insur­er relat­ing to hur­ri­cane dam­age of $4 MM
  • Debtor had held back mort­gage pay­ments to par­tial­ly repair property
  • Prop­er­ty filed Chap­ter 11 to avoid foreclosure
  • Chi­ron engaged by dis­tressed debt investor to pur­chase default­ed loan from Regions Bank


  • Worked with debtor to secure insur­ance claim from hur­ri­cane damage
  • Split insur­ance claim with debtor which allowed com­plete repair
  • Debtor resumed oper­a­tions of property
  • Com­pa­ny exit­ed Chap­ter 11 successfully

The Challenge

Property was in default on $30 MM mortgage.

The Chiron Solution

Chiron engaged by distressed debt investor to purchase defaulted loan from Regions Bank.

The Result

Company exited Chapter 11 successfully.

Is your com­pa­ny per­form­ing like it should?