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Case Studies

Doctors’ Hospital


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  • Doc­tors’ Hos­pi­tal (The Com­pa­ny”) was a 229-bed hos­pi­tal and 50,000 square foot med­ical office build­ing locat­ed on the north side of Hous­ton serv­ing the indi­gent and work­ing poor population
  • The Com­pa­ny was approx­i­mate­ly 50% owned by a group of mul­ti-cul­tur­al doctors
  • The com­pa­ny received over 75% of its rev­enues from gov­ern­ment-based insur­ance programs
  • Begin­ning in 2003, the Com­pa­ny began expe­ri­enc­ing declin­ing admis­sions and a shift from Medicare to Med­ic­aid man­aged care
  • The own­ers were not in agree­ment on how to oper­ate the hos­pi­tal and hence the declin­ing admissions
  • The declin­ing admis­sions cou­pled with reduced cash flow and a debt load of approx­i­mate­ly $40.0 MM forced the Com­pa­ny to reorganize
  • Chi­ron was engaged as the Invest­ment Bank and Finan­cial Advisor


  • Chi­ron arranged a plan of reorganization
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The Challenge

The owners were not in agreement on how to operate the hospital and hence the declining admissions.

The Chiron Solution

Chiron was engaged as the Investment Bank and Financial Advisor.

The Result

Chiron arranged a plan of reorganization.

Is your com­pa­ny per­form­ing like it should?